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The range of provided printing technologies is wide. Based on necessity, we choose and combine silk screen printing, sublimation, heat pressure printing or embroidery. We use high quality materials and contemporary printing technology.

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We sell work, sports and promotional clothing. We order several brand names form their central stores in Europe, which means that no retail percentage is added to the cost of the product. The list of product provided in our web shop is at https://www.85.ee

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Labels can be printed directly on the material or applied as separate printed details. Depending on the client’s purpose, trade marks are printed inside the shirts (neck tag), sewn on the sleeves of the shirts or in other preferred places. As a rule, labels are monochrome and in silk screen printing.

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A properly packaged product is more valuable to the receiver. Therefore, we provide the packaging service to the creators of separate brands. The variety is wide – starting from packing items separately in plastic up to packing in printed cardboard packages.

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