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Digital Printing

Printing on paper with a digital printer is fast and requires practically no preparation costs. Digital printing is applied when making smaller quantities of business cards, leaflets, posters and brochures.

Printing on materials with different gram weight (80-300g/m2) and applying further finishing techniques are possible. For example, business cards may be laminated, their corners may be rounded or they may be printed on a transparent plastic. Brochures may be folded in two different ways, which in case of double-sided printing forms 6 different subpages.

Stickers and Labels

A different sticker for different purposes. We provide paper stickers, PVC stickers for interior use and materials used on cars. The cost of a sticker depends on its size and the finishing requirements – whether is has to be laminated or cut it in a specific shape.

Printing on mugs

Printing company’s symbols on mugs intended to be given away as presents is a good investment and reminds the recipient of the giver every morning while having the first cup of coffee. It is difficult to forget you if your company’s logo is on the client’s or cooperation partner’s table every day.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a printing method that ensures a long-lasting product as the paint layer applied on the printed item is significantly thicker than in case of other printing methods. This method enables to print complicated and detailed images. Silk screen printing requires certain preparation costs; however, in case of big quantities the printing method is definitely most affordable in comparison with other methods. The majority of T-shirts sold in retail establishments are printed by applying the described silk screen printing method. The method is irreplaceable if tens, hundreds or thousands of similar items are required.

Heat Pressure Printing

In case of the heat pressure printing technique the graphical image is applied to the textile by means of high pressure and heat. This technique includes the application of thermo film, the printed heat pressure film and laser film on the material.

Thermo film is a good solution on sports clothes. Numbers and logos are cut out of thermo film by film cutter and are pressed on the surface of jerseys and shorts. The film retains the colours very well and does not let them fade.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation as a printing technique is mostly used on sports clothes. The print leaves no texture on the printed material because the pigment is absorbed in the fabric fibre. It enables to print full-coloured and photo quality images on products. No minimum amount is established to the number of printed items.

The only restriction to the sublimation technique is the material, which has to be artificial fibre. If sublimation is applied on natural fabric, the printed colours will be washed out.

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